a collaborative work with Annette Knol for the exhibition "Availabism" in Superfluo, Padua.

Availabism means to make best use of what is and was available; to take what is closest at hand as both the inspiration for your work as well as the medium. It was coined as an artistic movement by Kembra Pfahler from the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and has a past going back as far as the Dada-ists.

I first heard the word Availabism during a workshop led by Vaginal Davis and something inside of me clicked: this is what I had been doing all along. I was delighted to find a word that described a way of working based on improvising, responding to a certain environment, creating from what is already there.

Availabism is a sort of left-over dish approach to making art: the deliciousness comes from a simple idea combined with a strong sense of intuition. The result goes beyond the material bringing the artist closer to a spiritual relationship with the work. Art making becomes part of everyday life, coming down from the out of reach pedestal it often stands on.

When preparing for this exhibition, it became clear how extremely difficult it is to sum up what exactly Availabism is. Can anyone who uses lo-fi or found materials be a follower? Does your work have to be process-based?

AVAILABISM is a group show exploring the philosophy of Availabism, which simultaneously brings together a group of artists affiliated with the Kotti-Shop, an independent multi-faceted arts-space in Berlin.

Annette Knol, Berlin 2012.