Portraits by Katja von Helldorff is a series of dry point etchings, in which she portraits people of her personal, queer-feminist, artist and activist surroundings. Von Helldorff had already used the historical technique of drypoint for a former artwork, timeline, as an ironic take on modes of representation, reproducing well-known portraits of german politicians to unveil a linear connection throughout the decades of nationalism in german politics (1945-1989). Finally discontent with the idea of adding further images of personalities she wanted to criticize to the cultural memory, she decided to appropriate and positively redefine the technique for the representation of a subjective, heartfelt selection of important personalities from her personal political-activist surroundings. Thus expressing her admiration, she simultaneously provides the cultural memory with alternative images. Turning a commonly male represented format into a positive empowerment of underground celebrities. Portraits is a milieu study started in 2012 and is a work in progress.

 #1 :Mural in Berlin     
 Cristian Chino Loaiza, poet     
 Anne Kohl, musical activist      
 Alice Creischer, artist     
 Vaginal Davis, artist     
 Mijal Bloch, Artist and filmmaker     
 Annette Knol, Artist