How many artists are needed to make an electoral campaign?
How many politicians are needed to make an exhibition?
Politics is the science of distribution.
And art?
Applause please! New galleries for all!
What defines the logic of a cultural show?
The efficacity of an election result?
(prohibited to wet your pants)
"Open Call"
Why should artists paint the face of a „poor & sexy“ city?
And now, precarious and unemployed artists... what do we do?
Again the politicians stick in our eyes like a disturbing little trash particle

we pee on wowereit

Piss Göttin
is afraid of insecurity, competition and alienation- that's why she's pissing
Piss Göttin
Is proud, possessive and marks her territory like a bitch- that's why she's pissing

Subcutanean reflections about power structures and alienation in the (art)world.
A queer-punk performance with High Heels, electric saw, distorted landscapes, drums
& one puppet.

From & with: Katja von Helldorff, Cristian Forte, Senta Burma, Sophie Heartbreakin' Fatale, Nean Lhok, Lady Gaby, Vika Kirchenbauer, Paloma Merchan und Clara Valverde.

Based in Berlin, After The Butcher, KW Institute for Contemporary Art
2nd of July 2011, 6 pm // Auguststrasse 69 - 10117 / Berlin.

seeee the trailer:


Piss Göttin from based in Berlin on Vimeo.