about me by Vaginal Davis, Dream The End, 2013:

"Creations in performance, drawing, prints, text, and music, Katja’s work in these assorted mediums combine into organically growing and evolving pieces, such as Leiseylento (A BAZAR MUSICAL under the protection of the GREAT PISSING GODDESS).

Katja von Helldorff is a young feminist artist based in Berlin who is the living embodiment of General Jinjur of the female Army of Revolt my favorite childhood character in the L. Frank Baum book The Marvelous Land of Oz the sequel to the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that led to the 1939 film classic starring Judy Garland.

Katja’s work is filled with joy and whimsy like the Fairyland of Oz and the work of L. Frank Baum and his Oz books series which features characters having magical sex changes and young women forming an army to demand equal rights. At the turn of the last century the Oz books were more popular then the Harry Potter series, and definitely sexier.

-Vaginal Davis"

it is difficult to seperate my artworks in clear categories such as writing/performance/drawings... because each piece is inspired by other pieces and grow over the limits of format categories. when i write a text it produces images in my head which will soon find a form on paper or in space. my performances are always acompanied by drawings and everything together makes my conceptual & aesthetic world. i guess you can call what i do: transdisciplinary. My work always combines social or political issues with subjective perceptions and a dreamlike surreality. I use sometimes archetipical symbols to connect to a collective understanding of signs, feelings and personal experiences.
I work and live in Oaxaca and Mexico City since 2014


Born in Brussels in 1979, Katja grew up in a Belgian-German-Jewish family. She moved to Berlin in 1999, where she studied at the Art Academy of Weissensee. During her studies the artists Vaginal Davis, Alice Creischer and Pauline Boudry greatly inspired her. Katja exhibited across Europe and in Buenos Aires from 2005 to present. She is currently working on a "milieu study" drawn on metal plates with dry paint. The series portray artists, cultural producers, and activists, who are connected to Katja and represent her references in the Berlin cultural scene.

Cosas Raras para los verdes - Agrikultur Festival, Theater Freiburg
CreActive Khartoum, Goethe Institut Khartum, Soudan
Leiseylento, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin

Coconut Milk, Werkstatt für Experimente, Berlin
100 grad Festival, HAU2, Berlin
Make Active Choices, Neues Museum Freiburg & Theater Freiburg
MEGAfon, with Thomas Kilpper, Berlin-Rosa Luxemburg Platz
dos o tres veces Teorema, Kleiner Salon, Berlin
Curated online presence:
Dream The End

camp/anti-camp, Vaginal Davis Speaking From The Diaphragm, HAU2, Berlin
von nelken rosen netzen, Galerie Futura, Berlin
Availabism, Superfluo, Padua
La Dolorosa, Kleiner Salon, Berlin
From waste to ressource, KOHI Kraftwerk, Berlin
Cosmos Buenos Aires, Völkerkunde Museum, Hamburg
Latinale 7, Instituto Cervantes, Berlin

Piss Göttin, Based in Berlin, Kunst Werke, Berlin
Testing New Stages, HAU 2, Berlin
Hidden Parts, After The Butcher, Berlin
Scheitern*impotenz*freiheit, Wort Wedding, Berlin
Fin del mundo, Oficina Proyectista, Buenos Aires
Poesia Experimental, Casa de la lectura, Buenos Aires

Wenn es passiert,bewegt sich alles von alleine, OKK/raum29, Berlin
Printemps des poètes,Wortwedding, Berlin
The ferocious dream of the mermaid, OKK/raum29, Berlin
4K4WE, BKK, Berlin
Anadoma,LOT theater, Braunschweig
Villa Vaudeville,Villa minimo, Hannover
Check Bounds, Stattbad Wedding, Berlin
Ballet Lost, 48h Neukölln, Berlin

LLGFF, BFI, London
A, Ausstellungsraum am Bersarinplatz, Berlin
Radio Phoenix*, Bethanien Projektraum, Berlin
Meisterschüler-Ausstellung der KHB, Uferhallen, Berlin

German Angst, NBK, Berlin
Lange Nacht der Gender Studies, Böcklerhaus, Berlin
you'll know what to do, Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin
i have hope anyway – Diplomausstellung der KHB, Umspannwerke, Berlin

Timeline, General Public, Berlin
Timeline, mit Alice Creischer, Dokumenta 12, Kassel
D_Bilder, Kulturbunker, Köln
Love Haze , Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin
Jornadas de fotografia, UBA, Buenos Aires

lanormalidad/exArgentina , Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires
Contrasexual Space Opera , Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin

strich auf!expedition linie, Galerie Pankow, Berlin
berlin-warschau, Deutsche Botschaft, Warschau
lost in translation, 9. International Art Biennal, Istanbul

collective projects and collaborative work with:

anton blume, papierflieger co-op, cristian forte, vaginal davis, bettina hohorst, ariel devincenzo, marie jolin köster, cindy wonderful, alice creischer, lady gaby, andreas siekman, mimosa pale, kotti-shop, anne kohl, wanja saatkamp, thomas kilpper, anna tautfest, joana coppi, vika kirchenbauer, justin time, sebastian neubauer, raumerweiterungshalle, eduardo molinari, ETCÉTERA, chie chie's, my sister grenadine, lotte-gruup